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            About us
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            About us

            Our company is a member of "China Pharmaceutical Equipment Association", the chairman unit of China Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industry, and the director of pharmaceutical equipment expert committee. The company has been producing pharmaceutical and chemical machinery for more than 20 years. In recent years, new equipment, high pressure differential extraction Equipment (after the supercritical continuation of equipment, continuous feeding, the instant release after high pressure, so that the material objects Peng expansion to ten times several times, so that the active ingredient quickly dissolved in the solvent, the solid-liquid separation, And then by the membrane separation, membrane concentration) from the feed to the extract, spray, without heat, only the pump pressure, the water removed to meet the requirements. Dregs do not fall, the water without emissions, environmental protection from my start. Strong technical force, and the full implementation of IS09000 quality management.

            In recent years, the company with outstanding products, excellent service for the pharmaceutical industry to provide new equipment in line with GMP norms, praised by users. The main products for Chinese medicine production line extraction equipment. (Single-effect, double-effect, three-effect) Alcohol settling tank, alcohol recovery tower, vacuum dryer, spray dryer, fermentation tank, multi-function extraction tank, filter, Seed cans, crystallizers, and other special equipment for the production of biologicals such as plants and animals. Plant extraction, pigment extraction, metal molybdenum tungsten concentration crystallization process and equipment (removal of heavy metals, pesticide residues).

            The extraction of traditional Chinese medicine is one of the important unit operations in the production process of traditional Chinese medicine, which directly affects the quality of Chinese patent medicines. The line of multi-function extraction tank, three solid-liquid separation, three-effect energy-saving concentrator, anti-stick wall high-speed centrifugal spray dry coal and other equipment, improve efficiency, energy efficiency and automatic control, Advanced level, and a number of national patents. All the pipeline transportation of materials, so that the production of continuity. The main line equipment has automatic washing device, operation and maintenance is also very convenient. Drugs in the closed conditions are operated, where the parts in contact with the material are made of 0Crl 9Ni9 stainless steel, in line with GMP requirements. And provide GMP-related information.

            I can help users of the equipment required for selection, as well as process, equipment layout, and other design. The purchase of equipment to provide installation and commissioning, training operators, such as through-train service. Can undertake turnkey project. For those who need to test the user, we will b
            Tel: 0577-86878379
            Fax: 0577-86371652
            No.15, Lane 305, Yongqiang Road,LongWan District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang
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