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            • Parameter
              First, the material to be crushed into fine powder granular, pumped into the high-pressure difference extraction warehouse, high pressure difference after extraction centrifugal solid-liquid separation, centrifugal liquid by multi-stage membrane filtration, ultrafiltration, concentrated membrane to achieve the requirements, One-step granulation, drying, packaging storage.
              This equipment advanced technology, easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection, can be 24 hours of continuous production, the whole process can be controlled in the following 20 ℃ low temperature. Dregs do not fall, water recycling, zero emissions, environmental protection from my start. The advantage of this device is not heat, as long as the electricity, water, alcohol can be produced.
              From the feeding of complete sets of technology in the pipeline and the buffer tank to complete the closure, with clean production and management practices.

              Equipment specifications models are:
              Each feeding shall prevail (dry material)
              DTS-5 type, DTS-10 type (experimental type);
              DTS-50 -100 type -200 -500 type (production);
              According to DTS-100 type calculation, one day / 24h time can handle dry material 2000Kg.
              If there are units of intent; you can call consultation.
              Workshop 5.5m high, an area of 700 ~ 1000m2
              DTS-100 type of appearance dimensions (length 13.8mX high 2.5mX width 2.35m)
              Sales Performance (partial)
            Tel: 0577-86878379
            Fax: 0577-86371652
            No.15, Lane 305, Yongqiang Road,LongWan District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang
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